The Top 5 Hawkshead Pubs to Visit

Hawkshead is nestled in the Lake District National Park, and the scenery is simply breathtaking.

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Explore the picturesque village of Hawkshead and enjoy local ales

As you walk through the village, you’ll see charming historic buildings and narrow alleyways that are perfect for exploring.

The cobbled streets are lined with quaint shops, art galleries, and tearooms, making it a perfect place to stroll around and enjoy the sunshine.

There are also plenty of benches and picnic spots where you can sit and soak up the sun while enjoying the beautiful views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

So, to keep refreshed for your tour of the village…

These are our top 5 pubs to fit into your stay at Hawkshead

The Kings Arms

A historic pub with a charming atmosphere and an extensive selection of local beers and ales. They also serve a range of traditional British dishes and have a beer garden for when the weather is nice.


The Drunken Duck

This pub is located just outside of Hawkshead and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. They have a wide range of beers, wines, and spirits, as well as a menu of locally sourced food.


KITTchEN bar and beer shop, Hawkshead


A quirky little place with very friendly staff. The beer shop and bar also serve coffee, with rescue cats free roaming, its adults only inside (kids & canines are welcome outside).

The owner also runs a ghost tour of Hawkshead.


Outgate Inn

Currently closed – Dog friendly, serves food, occasionally has live music and, with a beer garden to the rear, this is a great place to pop in to refuel while on a sunny walk.


The Sun Inn

A traditional pub that offers a variety of local and international beers, ales, and ciders, as well as a menu of classic pub food.

Do you want to stay centrally? Take a look at Ross cottage slap bang in the middle of Hawkshead.


The Queens Head

This pub has a cosy atmosphere, a good selection of drinks, and serves traditional British food.

In need of a large cottage in Hawkshead? Roger Ground House is the perfect retreat!


The Red Lion Inn

This pub has a welcoming atmosphere and serves locally sourced food and drink. They also have a selection of real ales and a log fire to keep you warm in the winter.

Looking for a romantic stay? Hawkshead Hideaway has it all!


When you visit a pub in Hawkshead

Step into a world where history and community converge in a cosy and charming setting. Make your way through the picturesque streets of this quaint village in the Lake District, and you’ll come across the inviting doors of the local pub, a place where time seems to slow down, and the worries of the world outside fade away.

Picture the scene

Upon entering the pub, you’re greeted by the warm, woody scent of aged timber, and the low hum of friendly conversations.

The interior is adorned with rustic decor – weathered beams, old photographs, and antique knick-knacks that tell stories of days gone by. The dim lighting casts a comfortable and intimate atmosphere that encourages you to unwind and relax.

You approach the bar, where the bartender welcomes you with a smile. Behind the bar, you’ll find an impressive selection of ales and beers, some brewed right here in the Lake District. Whether you’re a connoisseur of craft beers or just looking for a classic pint, you’re sure to find something to quench your thirst.

As you settle into a cosy nook or find a seat at the bar, you can’t help but notice the diverse mix of patrons. There are locals sharing stories of their day, hikers recounting their adventures in the nearby fells, and tourists like you, eager to experience the authentic charm of Hawkshead.

The menu offers a delightful array of traditional pub fare. You can savour classic British dishes like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, or a hearty ploughman’s lunch. The food is hearty and comforting, the perfect complement to your chosen beverage.

The pub’s ambience is enhanced by the occasional live music, perhaps a local folk band playing traditional tunes that transport you even further into the heart of the Lake District’s culture.

As the evening progresses, you find yourself engaged in conversations with fellow patrons, learning about the local history, and hearing recommendations for must-visit places in Hawkshead and the surrounding areas.

Leaving the pub, you step back out into the crisp, clean air of the Lake District, feeling not only refreshed but also a part of the village’s rich tapestry. Your visit to the pub in Hawkshead is not just a moment in time; it’s a slice of authentic British life, where tradition, camaraderie, and the simple pleasures of good company and good food come together in perfect harmony.

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