Holiday Let Registration is coming, are you ready?

Let’s chat about Holiday Let Registration (so much fun!) It seemed to be in the distant future but, it’s now creeping up fast!

The English Government has started the Consultation Process

As I’m sure you’re aware, Scotland has started Holiday Let Registration and, the English government have started the consultation process.

They’ll hopefully give us as much notice as possible before anything is enforced but, they have said it will be as soon as early 2024.

My predictions

  • It will be compulsory throughout England.
  • It will come into play on the 1st Feb and we will have 9 months to complete everything for registration.
  • It will cost £300-£600 per property for a 3-year permit.
  • They want to stop holiday homes that do not have 70 nights letting a year.
    • These properties will not get a permit
    • Will be charged triple council tax as a second home,
    • With the hope that they go back into the residential letting market.

Good points

  • This will put all holiday lets on a level playing field.
  • Make it much safer for guests by getting rid of cowboy agents, and people renting out their spare room, with no compliance at all.

Tricky points

  • Compliance is full throttle!
  • Landlords Gas Safety – Already an annual requirement.
  • EICR – Already requirement every 5 years.
  • EPC – If you have bought your house within the last 10 years you should already have one of these, if not you need one.
  • Public liability insurance – Already a requirement.
  • PAT testing – Not currently a legal requirement but will be.
  • Legionnaires – Not currently a legal requirement but will be.
  • Fire Risk Assessment – Currently you can write your own document for your holiday let. Watching how Scotland has done this, the changes will be you can only write your own FRA if you have a house of 3 bedrooms or less and nothing over two floors. If the house has 3+ bedrooms, 2+ floors, or an open fire downstairs with no door on the hallway, you must start getting a FRA done by a third party (we can send details).
    • We suggest smoke alarms in all rooms, including bedrooms. This can be done easily by using interlinked models. However, Scotland’s registration has said these interlinked style alarms will only have a grace period of 2-3 years maximum, then you will need hard-wired alarms.
    • We do a monthly smoke alarm check at your property and record it. New legislation will be on every changeover so, we will need to find a simple way that our cleaners can ensure this is done and recorded. This will come at an extra charge.

Other things of note

Planning permission – I have been inundated by people that have second homes that aren’t already renting. If you are:

  • Already letting with an agent, you have a strong chance (with the above compliance in place) to breeze through the registration.
  • Not letting when Holiday Let Registration starts, you will need to wait for the process before having a paying guest which, as of now in Scotland, is a waiting period of over 9 months.

What are we (Lakeland Retreats) doing right now?

For all our property owners, We’re getting

  1. Electrician quotes for hard-wired smoke alarms
  2. Quotes for EPC’s and PAT Testing – we will want to start this ASAP.
  3. As soon as registration opens, I would like all Lakeland Retreat properties ready to go and hope for a smooth process!

As I’ve said, at best, these are my thoughts/predictions/guesses – I’m afraid that’s all I can comment at this stage.

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